Last Trip of the Season

Every season I look forward to the last trip of the season. I love that my husband loves his job. I love my husband’s job. I just don’t love how much of Riv’s life Ben has missed. This season has been the hardest one ever. They are always hard for me because my anxiety intensifies … Continue reading

I’m Back

well, I may be crazy for thinking I can get back in the blogging world with an almost 7 month old baby & the new school year one week away… but here I am. I’m back. There’s a lot to catch up on since my last post was when I was 17 weeks pregnant with … Continue reading

First look at our baby…

BOY!       Since we decided to find out the gender we have chosen to wait to reveal the name until he is born. *(well, that is the plan but we might just cave before then!🙂 )

17 weeks- UPDATE!

well I have made it to 17 weeks. I have had one medical scare so far resulting in an ER visit at 13 weeks but all was ok. I am still being very cautious due to the risks involved with my pregnancy. No lunch meats, soft cheese, caffeine or sushi. I want to make sure … Continue reading

Big News

I am officially 12 weeks pregnant as of today! Ben & I got VERY lucky that our very first round of fertility meds were successful. We meticulously charted things & were lucky to see a smiley face on the ovulation monitor on April 20th. From there, as they say, the rest is history. Since everything … Continue reading

Maybe TMI… (in)fertility post ahead…

I’m going out on a limb and assuming most of my very few readers are women. So this post will probably not be “gross” to them but to any dudebros reading: beware. I have taken 10 days worth of Provera which is the med that was supposed to cause a period-and it did! YAY! I … Continue reading

well, well, well…

here I am… I don’t have a very good reason for the blog hiatus. I’ll chalk it up to life happening. And also to spending way too much time typing on the work computer, and not enough on the trusty macbook at home. I don’t even know if I can remember far back enough to … Continue reading