Two Months In

The full-time life has been surprisingly easy to get used to for all three of us. I’ve been thinking about all of the random things I’ve learned during the first two months of our full-time RV life and thought I’d compile them here.

  • You don’t need that much stuff to get by in life. We packed essentials and a few luxury items, but many of our interior storage cabinets are empty.
  • Living tiny isn’t hard. We did two additional purges from the RV while we were stationary in CG & close to our storage unit.
  • Riv is happy in any living situation as long as he has his bike, his scooter & tons of vehicle toys.
  • RV parks with pools are awesome, especially in the summer in AZ.
  • Two RV ACs will not keep up in 100+ degree temps in AZ.
  • I actually like the coziness of our tiny space.
  • A small RV fridge will keep you from over-buying perishable food & wasting it!
  • Our pantry fits way more stuff in it than we thought.
  • It would have been nice to have a convection oven/microwave combo, our regular oven heats up the RV way too much to use it in the summer.
  • The dinette is awkward and the couch is pretty uncomfortable. I’d like to remove both & have seen some cool alternatives that other full-time families have used in their modifications.
  • Doing dishes by hand is as annoying as it used to be when I was a teenager doing them at home. I miss my dishwasher!
  • Do not wait to buy a small vacuum for your RV. We finally got one last weekend and it is so much easier and so much more thorough than trying to use a normal sized one.
  • If you are a germaphobe like me you will hate RV park laundromats. Buy this unit for your RV. We don’t have interior hookups in our RV but we are installing it in our outdoor kitchen.
  • A fireproof safe is a great place to store your important paperwork that you will need on the road.
  • Don’t store crayons or other melty things in cabinets that are mounted on one of the outside walls during an AZ summer.
  • You absolutely can run the AC and a blowdryer at the same time if you have 50 AMP service in your RV.
  • Command hooks & strips will become your best friends when your interior walls are made out of glorified cardboard.
  • You might take on traits of your retired neighbors and start doing puzzles in your free time.
  • You can bake a cake in your RV oven, but you might need a pizza stone to distribute the heat more evenly.
  • Peacocks are way louder than you would guess they are, but they can also be super friendly.
  • Rivers will make new friends easily, but the goodbyes will always be hard.

Here are some photos from the first couple months.

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